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Special Training Syllabus


  • Training of Security Guards
    Training of Security Guards, Haulage Contractors/Labors & TT Crew as per OISD-154 Training Module

    1. 1.Safety training to Security Guards.

      Duration: One Day
      Intended For: Security Personnel
      Objective: To provide knowledge on role of security personnel in safety at drill site. To evoke correct and prompt response in emergency situation.

      Course Content

      • 1.Familiarization with drill sites & fire fighting facilities.
      • 2.Role & Responsibilities of security personnel in safety of installations.
      • 3.Hazardous properties of petroleum and other chemicals.
      • 4.Emergency procedures & drills.
      • 5.Disaster management plan.
      • 6.Industrial first aid.
      • 7.Role of security supervisors as first responders to an emergency.
      • 8.Personal Protective Equipments
      • 9.Work Permit System
      • 10. House Keeping
  • Training Of TT Crew
    Our Training Focus

    1. 1. Training the TT Crew as per OISD Standard –154.
    2. 2. Cover also the aspects as laid down under Guidelines of MB Lal Committee.
    3. 3. Training the TT Crew as per Rule 9 of CMV Rules 1989.

    Training Process

    1. 1. Lectures & Coaching
    2. 2. Films & Videos
    3. 3. Demonstration
    4. 4. Quiz & Case Studies
    5. 5. Hands On Training & Simulation
    6. 6. Testing & Certification of Training under Rule 9 Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.
  • Defensive driving

    Causes of Accidents, Accidents' statistics, Driver's personal fitness, vehicles condition, Braking distance, Highway driving, Road/ Pedestrian crossing, Railway crossing, Adapting to weather, Head on collision, Rear end collision, Night driving.

  • Product safety

        UN Panel Hazchem Code :- Toxicity, Flammability, Other definitions.

        Product Information :-

        Tremcards, CIS/MSDS, Importance of temperature pressure, Level, Explosive limits, Knowledge about equipment.

        Emergency Procedure :-

        Communication, Spillage handling, Use of PPE, Fire fighting, First Aid, Toxic release control, Protection of wells, rivers, lakes, etc, Use of protective equipment, Knowledge about valves, etc.

  • Advanced driving skills and Training

        Before starting-Checklist :- Outside/below/near vehicle, Product side, Inside vehicle.

        During driving :- Correct speed/gear, Signalling, Lane control, Overtaking/Giving side, Speed limit/Safe distance, Driving on slopes.

        Before stopping :- Safe stopping place, Signalling, Road width, Condition.

        After stopping :- Preventing vehicle movement, Wheel locks.

        Vehicle Attendance :- Night Driving Mandatory lighting requirements, Head lamp alignment, Use of dipped beam.